24th November 2020


It’s time to take stock and put some pep in your step as we spring into the new year and seize the opportunity to commit to a fresh start in life.

Look to 2020 as a time of renewal and if healthy lifestyle habits have tended to slide a little over time, this is a great time of year to take stock of your health and how you’re taking care of yourself and your family every day.

“It’s all about pushing outside our comfort zone to reach a place of optimum wellbeing.”

If you’re keen to commit to new year’s resolutions, here are five ways to boost your wellbeing and get the best out of life.

  1. Get outside

A lift to your wellbeing can be as simple as getting outside to walk on your newly turfed lawn, or a run around a nearby park with the kids or to throw a ball for the family dog. When visiting the beach for the day, rather than setting up camp and sitting still, take long walks to explore the coastline, do some beach combing and stretch your body throughout the day. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day in nature and you’ll notice the difference almost immediately. Treat yourself with new active wear so you’ll look the part and feel more confident as you step out.

  1. Add vitamins

Perhaps your body is looking for a more direct boost through a vitamin supplement or in need of armour against colds and flu? Studies suggest that supplementing your vitamin intake can help build resilience, support the immune system and even help cope with the onset of hayfever. Consult your health practitioner ro local chemist for advice and assistance to make choices that are right for you.

  1. Healthy eating

A new year in the southern hemisphere is the perfect time to rejoice in an abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cut down on your snack and sugar consumption and celebrate the bounty of summer by stocking up on more leafy green vegetables in your weekly shop. Up your daily intake by including salads and a generous serving of veggies in your lunch and dinner each day. Remember to tuck a piece of fruit into everyone’s bag each morning to stave off unhealthy pitfalls when hunger strikes!

  1. Update your bedding

A good night’s sleep is as much down to the comfort of your bedding as a healthy sleep routine. When was the last time you replaced your mattress? An old mattress can be contributing to back pain or making an existing condition worse. Even a new pillow can not only do away with dust mites and collected dry skin, with one in three Australians suffering neck pain, it can make all the difference to provide support, aid a better quality of sleep and recharge every member of the family. Speak to a bedding expert to weigh up the options on the market and learn about innovations in both pillow and mattress technology.

  1. Exercise

A regular exercise routine is paramount to good health and happiness. Exercise is proven to manage weight and reduce the onset of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Staying active and engaging in exercise every day not only helps to maintain muscle strength and improve movement, studies have found it helps depression and promotes a healthier state of mind.

Look to incorporating a daily walk in your routine each morning with a partner or friend, which keeps you accountable, makes you more likely to continue the resolution. Even better, joining your local fitness centre invites social contact with others, facilitates expert supervision of your exercise regime and provides a framework for sustaining regular vigorous exercise and improved health overall.