24th November 2020

Grab your friends and head to the water this summer with these essential elements for fun in the sun.

Deck/pool chairs
Comfort is king when reclining waterside so kit yourself out with this season’s newest and brightest folding chair. With so many patterns and colours available, the colour world is your oyster – choose a colour to compliment your swimsuit or a knockout pattern to bring your outdoor room or cabana bang up to date

Fun in the sun includes shelter from its harmful rays and a sturdy beach umbrella or shade structure is indispensable when setting the scene for the day. Opt for a larger size rather than skimping on space for your skin-saving haven and invite everyone to relax and recline under its protection.

Beach towel
Pool- or beach-side, relaxing by the water calls for a steady supply of beach towels. Lightweight cotton for easy pack-and-go beach visits or big, bold and beautiful to grace the loungers by your pool. Go for quality when choosing beach towels to last and add to your supply each year. Wash between uses to keep fluffy and fresh.

Sunscreen station
If you’re headed to the beach, pack a little kit with sunscreen lotions, zinc, Aerogard and aloe vera-rich moisturisers. Choose a see-through bag if you can for maximum visibility to encourage all-day top ups. Poolside, make it fun and create a spot in the shade with a collection of your favourite nourishing sunscreen products in easy-to-use pump packs and roll-ons.

The ultimate summer style file includes great eye protection that looks good too. Choose your weapon – polarized, prescription, tinted or all of the above and try before you buy – visit your chemist, optician or adventure store to get your fashion on and ensure your choice will go the distance in terms of style and function.

Up your water works with a bunch of blow up pool and water toys. A great way to add fun and pack a visual punch at any party, choose from a range of big and small items to scatter, sit and soak with.

Picnic rugs
Nothing beats copping a squat beneath a generous tree to set the scene for summer relaxation. Stock up on sturdy throws, outdoor rugs and lightweight picnic rugs to up the ante in comfort and colour.

Your summer survival kit is not complete without a hat, particularly when you’re poolside or for lazy days at the beach. Grab a bunch to suit your different moods and have extras on hand at home or the holiday house to hand around when you’re entertaining.

Food and Drinks
Stay hydrated in style by arming yourself with plenty of serve ware for every event and recreational mood. Include a mixture of robust and fancy glassware, plastic jugs and drinking vessels that can go from day to night when entertaining. Dress your table with a statement runner, matching napkins and versatile platters.

Remember to include breadboards in various sizes, cake stands to add height for sweet or savoury and a generous champagne bucket or oversized tub to fill with ice and keep the hydration coming.

Hack it
Maximise time spent in recline with a drinks trolley to bring the hydration station to you! Trick up your own by adding wheels to a small shelving unit or find a custom made version and fill with glassware or plastic cups, a glass drinks dispenser, absorbant towels and a bucket for ice. Add snacks and a waterproof speaker and you’ve got yourself a party!

Grazing table
Grazing tables are the latest foodie craze and work beautifully for all-day nibbles and snacks. Arrange plates, platters, boards and stands of food en masse at difference heights and tidy and top up supplies all day.


Style tips for entertaining poolside
1. Colour me happy
Set the scene by choosing a colour theme then select towels, cushions, napkins and serve ware to match. Search your cupboards for coordinating pieces and leave aside any pieces that don’t tie in.

2. More is more
Create a strong display of food or drinks by arranging things together in groups. Stack napkins high and arrange rows of glasses or pre-mixed drinks alongside a generous bowl of limes for an abundant look.

3. Inside out
Poolside or by the beach, using proper cutlery and glassware takes an outdoor gathering next level. Add elegance with a comfy rug or bedspread to sit on, fabric napkins and a pretty hurricane lantern.

4. Five star style
Imagine yourself in a resort hotel and channel the room service vibe. Trolleys or trays, glass domes to cover food and a decorative flourish with flowers or fruits all speak to a life of luxury.