24th November 2020

Sail away on summer’s coolest colour: Seafoam

The calming colour of the ocean lends a welcome serenity to summer decorating with the addition of seafoam to your colour palette. Colour your home calm with this pretty, soft tone of blue-green that brings to mind the gentle waves of nature.

Not too minty green but with a hint of ocean blue, we can’t get enough of this soft, light pastel colour in the decoration of each room with painted accents, artworks, fabrics, rugs and soft furnishings.

Seafoam is just the touch of colour you’re looking for to freshen up your home decor or bring in colour without going over the top. Here’s how to use it:

Set the scene

The simple addition of a freshly painted front door in a cool shade of seafoam sets the scene at the entrance to your home, creating a sanctuary as soon as you enter.

Take it right through

Embrace the gentle seafoam hues throughout your home; in the lounge room, add a throw as an accent with the most comforting washed out blues, tinged with a touch of green. Hang artworks along your hallway depicting ocean photography and seaside scenes.

Add texture

In the living spaces or hallway, add a touch of texture in patterned or grasscloth seafoam coloured wallpapers or shiny silk or velvet cushions. In the kitchen a glass splashback or glossy seafoam cabinetry will introduce soothing tones in a busy zone with a fresh, contemporary edge.

Draw ideas from nature

Channel the effect of sandblasted textured glass collected along the beach

by adding to your décor with glass vases, vessels or lamp bases, tinged with seafoam blue and topped with a crisp white or natural linen shade.

Keep to natural tones

Try including texture to create depth and interest; echo the elements of nature found at the beach, perhaps with the sandy tones of natural driftwood coloured timber or rattan furniture and raffia woven baskets. For extra depth introduce touches of terracotta to echo the sunset.

Create a sanctuary

Channel the ocean in the bedroom by using serene shades of seafoam in an upholstered bedhead, armchair or accent cushions. Pick up the same colours in artworks depicting the ocean and use metallic finishes in lighting such as brushed silver or rustic gold for a sophisticated look.

Ride the heat wave with this gentle blue-green hue in your interiors