24th November 2020

Metallic decorative details are a sure-fire way to brighten up your home and add a little luxe to your interiors. It doesn’t have to be too much bling either – simply add a little copper, brass or silver to finishes in unexpected places –the framework of your furniture, a shiny silver flourish in a decorative artwork or a copper finish to a striking vase on your sideboard or kitchen bench.

If your décor needs a pick me up, here are 5 ways to freshen up your home with new season metallics – a burst of bling via the latest interior decorating trend.

1. Mix your metallics

If you’re not afraid of a little bling and are prepared to make a statement, rather than sticking to one metal tone or the other, use a mix of metals to bring an eclectic edge to a room. Try grouping together a combination of silver and rose gold accessories on a brass tray, or use a combination of chrome and matte black fixtures in your wall or pendant lighting.

2. Keep it contemporary

Go for a cleaner, more sophisticated look to your spaces by pairing your metallic accents with simple white or natural linens in bedding and upholstery. Complete the look with natural textures in timber furnishings and stone flooring, allowing your choice of metallic finishes to be the centre of attention.

3. Stick to a theme

Keeping one tone for your metallic is a great way to tell a decorating story throughout your whole home. If your kitchen tapware is chrome, continue the theme with chrome tapware in your laundry and bathroom too – choose other fixtures such as towel rails and hooks in the hallway to echo the look. Even door handles can help take the finish right through your home for that ‘interior designer’ effect.

4. Use metallic details

Look to metallic finishes in the details of your décor – add feature brass drawer pulls or handles on your kitchen cupboards, choose candlesticks for your table in silver or gold. Accent a sideboard with a glass and chrome lamp base or a beaten brass vase. Why not try a pop of metallic fabric in throw cushions for dramatic touch to your lounge room?

5. Try matte finishes in metallic

For a softer, more sophisticated look, rather than a highly shined finish, consider choosing brushed metals in tapware and/or hardware around your home. Elevate neutrals with silver-greys or matte gold cushions, curtains and bedspreads in textured fabrics such as velvet or patterns that use metallic yarns. It works beautifully to introduce a slight shine to your interiors.