24th November 2020

Sharing a generous meal with your family and friends at Christmas is a wonderful way to celebrate. Beautiful tableware, fairy lights or candles and special table linens all go into the mix to create a welcoming and festive atmosphere from the moment your guests arrive.

Coming up with ideas for Christmas table decorations can stump even the most seasoned entertainer sometimes. If you need a little style inspiration for easy Christmas table decorations to make or buy, read on.

1. Use decorations you already own

Combine new and old by pimping your existing collection of Christmas decorations with a few new items to make your decorating budget stretch further. Don’t be afraid to leave a bunch in the cupboard this year if you’re tired of them – you’ll look at them with fresh eyes next year!

2. Add fairy lights

Create a warm, sparky glow to your Christmas table with the addition of fairy lights – whether grouped together in the middle, gathered around other decorations, or running along the full length of the table, they’ll bring just the sparkle you need for a festive feast!

3. Bring in nature

If you want to add a natural touch to your table this year, combine sprigs of festive foliage in bud vases or lay stems along the centre of your table as part of your display. Pop living succulents or floral decorations onto napkins for your guests to take home and add the occasional pinecone for a special Christmas touch.

4. Keep it simple

Less is more on your table; so simple Christmas table decorations tend to work best. Rather than creating unnecessary clutter, confine your festive touches to one area – especially if you want to leave plenty of room for the food! If space is still an issue, try using cake stands, boxes or simple acrylic risers to raise food above your table decorations to double your surface area.

5. Avoid too much colour

Unless you’re crazy for colour, pick a simple colour theme and stick to it. Your Christmas table centrepieces will look more refined with a colour palette that includes baubles, candles, foliage and a touch of sparkle.

6. Get crafty

It’s amazing what you can do with a little cardboard, ribbon and a festive template! Cut out Christmas tree shapes to lay under place settings or make your own centerpieces with decorative Christmas cardboard or fabric designs wrapped around plain soup tins or jam jars. Fill with pine fronds from the base of your Christmas tree or picked up from your local florist or market – a little goes a long way!

7. A new set of napkins

If you’re looking to invest in a new Christmas tablecloth or a brand new set of table napkins for the occasion, choose a neutral colour that you can use all year round. Add a flourish of Christmas with a glittery ribbon tie, a candy cane or sparkly bauble atop each side plate and you have yourself a Christmas decorating theme!

8. Think outside the box

Items packaged for Christmas gifts offer many great ideas for decorating your Christmas table. Unpack a boxed set of ornaments or a discounted advent calendar and set pieces out along the table, or decorate each place with an inviting ornament.

9. Double up on discount decorations

Make your money go further by having a beautiful Christmas display at your front door that will welcome guests and match your table decorations. Affordable ideas can be as simple as a large vase filled with candy canes or baubles, with one placed onto each place setting to continue the theme. A red or white candle on the table and at your entrance will complete the look.

10. All white Christmas table decorations

Grab a couple of cans of decorative spray paint and go to town on tired Christmas decorations to breathe new life into them. Pieces you’ve used year after year will look brand new with a coat of white paint. Or jump on this year’s interior decorating trend and try metallic colours. A coat of rose gold, silver or bold brass for your colour theme this year will make them shine!